Tuesday, February 4, 2014

2800 Lincoln Avenue, next to Yoga 101 * Monday - Saturday 10-5
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Re-Style Consignment


Restyle * Redress * ReYOU * Save the planet, recycle your fashions...

Re-Style Consignment...  If you love fashion and you love vintage, this is a gem you should check out.  I stumbled on this place, while going into a yoga class.  I had noticed this shop before, next to my hot yoga get away, but this time, the window made me stop for a moment...  There on display were beautiful, rockin, vintage cocktail dresses, with winter wonder mid-century furs.  The window was all vintage and looked elegant and classic.  It reminded me of a time when the general public, dressed with thought.  It was a time when people paid attention to every detail in the way they wanted to be presented to the world.  I had to come back and take a look inside.
Two days later...  My friend Andrea and I, were on our way to a yoga class...  A class we were running late for.  Sure enough, we get to the studio and the class is FULL...  I mean, wall to wall full.  So, what were we to do?  On that same note, Andrea and I had a party to go to that evening, a 70's inspired party...  and Andrea had nothing to wear.  Light bulb!  Lets check out that store we walked by the other night!  How perfect!  We went in, Andrea went on to check things out and try some of them on.  I wasn't really there to find anything.  I was there, mostly to look.

I accompanied Andrea as she tried a few things on...  She ended up falling in love with the idea of a hat for the party.  Her loss being my gain, Andrea decided against everything else she tried on, including an amazing, early 70s, bell sleeved, yellow print dress.  I tried it on...  It was perfect for me and the party.  I wasn't really looking to purchase anything and didn't even bring my wallet.  The store owner, as well as a lovely woman next to the counter, also spotted a pair of shoes, "that just looked as if they were made for the dress."  They urged me to try the shoes on with the dress, and I gave in.  Those two women were right...  The shoes were perfect for the dress.  They looked smashing, but I wasn't really looking for much, I just happened to fall upon the perfect dress and the perfect shoes...  So, I asked the store owner to hold the dress for me.  I would consider the shoes, while I went home to get my wallet.
So, I came back to the store to pick up the dress I had put on hold.  And low and behold, to my surprise, the woman, I had spent some time talking to had purchased the shoes to go with the dress for me.  I was so surprised.  I do have to say, they did look pretty great.  Not only did I get a great dress for the party, but I also got a great pair of shoes, thanks to a lovely woman named Connie.  It was a pretty awesome day!

There are many great things about this shop.  There is a little bit of everything, for everyone, in every size.  Re-style carries a wide range of styles, designers, and sizes.  A little bit of something for everyone.  The wonderful owner, Rebecca Hazelton, prides herself on the stores wide selection.
And honestly, Rebecca, is one of the most informed, and delightful people one could meet.  She is so knowledgeable on her products, and she is always looking to learn more.  I love that about her.  I asked her questions, and it was a delight to absorb the information she had to share.  I want to go back to her store, just to learn more about her products.  She is a perfect fit for Re-Style.  She gets her love for vintage and fashion from her mother, who also owns a consignment shop in New Orleans.  So, her passion for vintage and fashion has been with her right from the beginning.

I love the store's tag line.  It's not just a tag line, for Rebecca it a way of life.

Restyle * Redress * ReYOU * Save the planet, recycle your fashions...

She is passionate about giving vintage cloths new life, and about making the world a better place by making use of something, that may have otherwise gone in someone else's trash.  She is a positive energy and she seems to have enough light and energy to fill a room, a park, and especially her store.

I am undoubtedly going to go back to her store.  Every time I walk out of Re-Style, I know I will come out with a prize gem of my own...  something great to restyle!

Cool Coats from names like London Fog and Calvin Klein

Fun colors and prints

Beautiful evening wear

Jackets and blazers from Oscar de la Renta and Pendleton

 Vintage Dooney & Bourke

And other great bags

Local hand made stuff

Great shoes
All the other great stuff to buy and see

More of my finds...  a great plaid shirt and a long denim jacket!


Cameras, tend to make me feel awkward.  To some of you, this may come as a surprise.  But, it's true... Cameras make me uncomfortable.  I am the person, that as soon as a camera is brought into a scenario, I tense up with anxiety.  I am that person in the front row, with her mouth open funny, or one eye closed, or I am the photo bomber making a goofy face.  Maybe it's my brain, subconsciously telling me, that camera, is going to take a picture of you and that is how you are going to be remembered, FOREVER.  Ugh...  I AM GOING TO BE REMEBERED FOR THAT AWKWAD FACE!  OHHHH NOOO...  I tried so hard to smile pretty for that picture.  Damn subconscious, sabotaging every picture I am in, ever.
On the flip side of the coin, put me in front of a crowd, and I will work a room, as if it's second nature.  I love lots of people, I love social events, and I love a party.  None the less, I always leave my phone in the car, as to, not have to mess with it while socializing...  and I am the person that purposefully leaves her camera at home on an outing out to the zoo, as to have an uninterrupted, undocumented experience.  So, pictures in my life, I have fewer than some.
That being said, the thought of having head shots taken, gave me butterflies from my toes up to the hairs on my head.  My whole body felt numb to the idea.  I took that plunge anyway and Alex Morgan did my head shots.  He is professional, personable and so easy to talk to.  It can put anyone at ease. Alex is creative, interesting, energetic, and has a genuine love for life. He is passionate about everything he does and with a creative mind it is genuinely reflective in his work.  This is a person that is trying to so something good, and create.
He took my picture...  I felt fabulous, and in every picture it shows.  It was hard to pick just a few to post.  I would recommend him to anyone with a need for a great photographer.
Alex Morgan, thanks for taking a picture... A picture that people will look at, and remember a lovely girl, with a lovely glow.

Check him out!!!  Click on his link!!!

Alex Morgan Imaging




Monday, February 3, 2014

SCOPE out this amazing jewelry! This woman's stuff is unbeliveable. I have a bracelet from her, but honestly I would love to have so much more.
I came across her stand at a music festival over a year ago! And I still come back to her site to pipe dream!

ISMS on Etsy...