Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cameras, tend to make me feel awkward.  To some of you, this may come as a surprise.  But, it's true... Cameras make me uncomfortable.  I am the person, that as soon as a camera is brought into a scenario, I tense up with anxiety.  I am that person in the front row, with her mouth open funny, or one eye closed, or I am the photo bomber making a goofy face.  Maybe it's my brain, subconsciously telling me, that camera, is going to take a picture of you and that is how you are going to be remembered, FOREVER.  Ugh...  I AM GOING TO BE REMEBERED FOR THAT AWKWAD FACE!  OHHHH NOOO...  I tried so hard to smile pretty for that picture.  Damn subconscious, sabotaging every picture I am in, ever.
On the flip side of the coin, put me in front of a crowd, and I will work a room, as if it's second nature.  I love lots of people, I love social events, and I love a party.  None the less, I always leave my phone in the car, as to, not have to mess with it while socializing...  and I am the person that purposefully leaves her camera at home on an outing out to the zoo, as to have an uninterrupted, undocumented experience.  So, pictures in my life, I have fewer than some.
That being said, the thought of having head shots taken, gave me butterflies from my toes up to the hairs on my head.  My whole body felt numb to the idea.  I took that plunge anyway and Alex Morgan did my head shots.  He is professional, personable and so easy to talk to.  It can put anyone at ease. Alex is creative, interesting, energetic, and has a genuine love for life. He is passionate about everything he does and with a creative mind it is genuinely reflective in his work.  This is a person that is trying to so something good, and create.
He took my picture...  I felt fabulous, and in every picture it shows.  It was hard to pick just a few to post.  I would recommend him to anyone with a need for a great photographer.
Alex Morgan, thanks for taking a picture... A picture that people will look at, and remember a lovely girl, with a lovely glow.

Check him out!!!  Click on his link!!!

Alex Morgan Imaging