Sunday, January 12, 2014


A Fresh Motion.  Freshly Refreshing.

A LATE twenty something's view on fresh food, fresh fashion, and how it keep it in motion.
Let me further explain myself...
I live for four things in life.  I call them the four F's!  FOOD, FASHION, FUN and FITNESS!

The first one being fresh food.  I am a foodie, but I am not your regular kind of foodie.  I am a veteran vegetarian.  I have been a vegetarian since I got up and flew out of my parents coup at the age of 18.  You can ask, "How can a person be a vegetarian and a foodie?  Those things don't mix?"  My answer is, "How can one be a foodie and not be a vegetarian?"  I have a romance with vegetables.  I believe food is a cure all, for many of our worldly problems.  Food is intended to heal, satisfy, and make the body feel invincible.  If your food does not do these things for you... than, you are not eating the right kinds.  Food is a cure and prevention for disease.  The right food keeps a person happy, food wards off depression... Food...  Ha...  if everyone had food, the world would be hunger free.  And, sadly, many of us live our lives nutritionally deprived, starving in our own obesity, high blood pressure, and large array of other diseases.  My twin sister once put it like this, "Our bodies are only 20 percent what we do, and 80 percent what we put in them."  She studies nutritional science.  She hopes to someday have her PHD in it, and with that being said, I would rather be an organic turnip, than a steroid laden slab of cholesterol.  Food is not my preliminary mindless side kick in my every day, it is my life style.