Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Moving on to the second F of my life...  Fashion!

Fashion has many meanings and definitions in the modern world.  What fashion means to one person, may not be how it is defined to the next.  One can look up the word fashion in the English dictionary, but looking outside of the literal meaning is where each and every one of us find difference in interpretation. Living in southern Indiana, I am exposed to a midwestern southern comfort style fusion.  Midwestern fashion is comfortable, practical, and anything but ordinary, when looking in the right places.  I mean the midwest is small towns and farming communities, and it's land locked, right in the center of our nation.  It is far from New York City and LA, worldly known for tends and fashion presets.  The midwestern girl is constantly changing, as quickly and drastically as the weather does in this part of the country.  She's creative, and innovative...  needingly so, in her small town hours away from a large trendy shopping destination.  She looks to her environment, and the people around her for inspiration.
Fashion far from what is seen on the runway, in the big department stores, or any kind of general consensus.  Fashion is a matter of having an open mind, personal interpretation, self expression, intelligence, and personality.  It is what you do, how you are seen, and the biggest thing your leave behind in a room.  It does not have to always be a beacon of femininity (thank you Diane Keaton at the Golden Globes for proving this point), nor does it always require 6 inch heels.  But know, that every morning walking out the door, people are going to look at you, and have a reaction.
What reaction do you want to leave?  Reader you are encouraged to be remembered, be extravagant, go all the way, and be honest with yourself.  You are encouraged to be the most fantastic version of yourself daily, because you are not boring or ordinary.

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fash·ion - /ˈfaSHən/

noun: fashion; plural noun: fashions

1. a popular trend, esp. in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior.
"his hair is cut in the latest fashion"
synonyms: vogue, trend, craze, rage, mania, fad, style, look; tendency, convention, custom, practice; informalthing
"the fashion for tight clothes"
 •the production and marketing of new styles of goods, esp. clothing and cosmetics.
"a fashion magazine"
synonyms: clothes, clothing design, couture, the garment industry, informal the: rag trade
"the world of fashion"

2. a manner of doing something.
"the work is done in a rather casual fashion"
synonyms: manner, way, method, mode, style, system, approach
"it needs to be run in a sensible fashion"

verb: fashion; 3rd person present: fashions; past tense: fashioned; past participle: fashioned; gerund or present participle: fashioning

1. make into a particular or the required form.
"the bottles were fashioned from green glass"
synonyms: construct, build, make, manufacture, fabricate, tailor, contrive