Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fun and Fitness
Without fun, fitness can be hard.  Likewise, without fitness, what fun can you have in that dress that doesn't fit quite right.  Honestly, the four F's, work together to help me in a daily journey for a balanced life.  When I stay fit and eat right, I usually feel better in my own skin...  When I eat right, it is easier for me to get to the gym.  When I go to the gym, it is easier for me to share the rest of my free time, feeling good, and doing other things with my amazing friends.  It is all a cycle that feeds into itself.  My confidence is boosted, and the people I surround myself with can easily see that.  Confidence is cognitive, just like a positive attitude is cognitive.  When I feel good about myself, it makes it easier for me to pass my positive energy onto others.  Thus, a room filled with smiling, positive people.
On that same note, when I feel good, I can wear what I want with confidence, and when I like what I am wearing, feel good about myself.  I can pull off anything.  I've heard other women say, "Gosh, you really can pull that off.  I could never pull off that amazing dress you are wearing."  And really, the biggest reason I am pulling off this floral 70's wrap dress, is because I am doing it with confidence.  And really, you could not pull off this dress, because when you put my dress on, it is not the dress that will make you feel confident.  Different dresses for different girls, folks.  So, my response is always, "Why can't you pull off this dress?  You can pull off anything that you want, if you do it in confidence."  That's key.
Finding time, for yourself is important.  Finding something you love to do is also important.  Maybe you need to be actively social, or you just like the solitude of going for a trail run on your own.  Figuring out what works best for you reader, is the power of you leading a happy healthy life.
I find balance in my exercise routine.  I like to road run, for miles on my own.  It's my think time, my relaxation time, my alone time.  I also love to do yoga and meditate in my living room.  Are there better ways to relive stress and anxiety?  Do it without the medication?  Rely less on the man made chemicals?  When I need to be more social with my routine, I go to the climbing gym.  It's the most social sport I know.  A group of friends, sitting around talking, taking turns working on a bouldering problem, together.  Occasionally, I will grab a friend and go to a yoga class, then make it a point to go out afterward for conversation and coffee.  I have learned to love being active, I have also learned how to integrate activity into my everyday life.
It's a lifestyle, a necessity, not a burden.