Sunday, January 26, 2014

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Trends are what we did in high school, fashion is what we are doing beyond high school.

This is a style challenge.  First I have two questions...  Do you have an endless closet, yet your find yourself constantly wearing the same 5 outfits?  Or...  Do you have a limited closet and find yourself having a hard time diversifying what you have?
To those of you, whom of which, answered yes to the first question...  I challenge you to take those few pieces of clothing you wear all of the time, and hide them in the back of your closet, or in a deep drawer for 30 days.  Take time to analyze the rest of your closet.  Why is there so much of your closet being neglected?  How can you change this?  What will you put together to make a "new to you outfit?"  This should help you discover a new wardrobe inside of the wardrobe you already have.

Take pictures and tell me about your experience.

To those of you, whom of which answered yes to the second question...  Those pieces you wear all of the time, because you don't have much else...  Think about how you can make new and different outfits by accessorizing and coming up with different combinations to make these basics you love more versatile and appropriate for all situations.  Make your favorite black sweater, into 4 "new to you outfits".
Take pictures and tell me about your experience.

This is your challenge.  If you take it.  Please tell me about it, and I will post your pictures and experience.  Thank you!!! and good luck!